Successful Entrepreneurs follow these habits

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Successful Entrepreneurs follow these habitsTHIS POST MAY CONTAIN AFFILIATE LINKS. PLEASE READ MY Affiliate Disclaimer FOR MORE INFO.

Successful entrepreneurs follow these habits. I’m sure you’ve read or heard it takes 21 days to break a habit. Let’s not break a habit, let’s create new ones. We all want to be successful in our business, our personal lives, life, and sports etc. We need to start somewhere right? So where do we start and what am I suppose to do you ask?

I’ve listed a few pointers to help you get started. I know, I know, there are a million other habits but let’s start here first. Let’s understand why successful entrepreneurs follow these habits…



Start each morning with meditation and visualize your goals and be clear about what you want your success to look like and the steps you’re going to take to get there. This should be your quiet time without interruptions. Do not pick up your cell phone or any other device. Your device(s) should not be the first thing you focus on in the morning. If it helps you, make yourself a vision/goal board. Gather pictures, inspirational quotes and have fun creating your life. You can make a board for each area of your life if you’d like. Let this be your focus in the morning and throughout the day to keep you inspired.


Organization/Time Management

Make yourself a to-do list for the day. This list can pertain to any area of your life and what you’re going to achieve for the day. You can make this list the night before or on a weekly/monthly basis, whatever works for you. This will keep you focused and you’ll use your time wisely. Once you’ve practiced this habit for a while, it will be easier. Remember we have to start somewhere. Stick to your list! This is self-discipline which we’ll talk about next. For now, focus on what it is you need to do today. Do not put 50 things on your list. You won’t complete your tasks because it will look as if you have a million things to do and they won’t get done(trust me, huge mistake). List the most important to the least important.


Self-discipline (1)


Self-discipline is very important in being successful. Self-control will help you be the best you! Successful entrepreneurs implement willpower to get things done. Everyone learns differently. Some people may read a book about self-discipline. Some may research the web to find an article or YouTube videos. Whatever it takes to get you to learn this important habit, do it!

Don't Quit

Being Persistent

Ok by now you see how important these habits are and how you need to implement them daily.

Now we’re going to talk about persistence. Have you realized to be successful you’ll need to work on your business more than once a week or month? I know we have busy lives(I know I do)and it’s hard to be persistent. Remember we just talked about self-discipline! Being persistent on a daily basis will help you grow and your business grow. If you can spend an hour or two daily, you’ll be happy you did later.


Surround Yourself with Supportive Like-Minded people

Not everyone will agree with what you’re wanting to do. They don’t understand nor have the same passion as you. Think about this for a second…everyone is not meant to do the same thing or like the same things in life. So surround yourself with people who enjoy your passion. You’ll learn more and be free to be yourself. You’ll also find out things about yourself(skills you never knew you had). Build your own community or join communities in your niche.

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Read Books

Research, Research, Research! Learn as much as you can about your niche/passion. Don’t assume you know everything because you love a certain thing. Always look for ways to improve what you love. If your passion is home decor, learn home decor styles that are found across the world, not just colors and how you like things to look. Read as many books as you can about your niche and how to market it. Here’s a free book about marketing you can add to your collection. When you study and learn as much as you can, think about all the ideas you’ll have for your business.


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