5 Vital Keurig Cleaning Tips

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Ok coffee lovers, it’s time to clean our Keurig! There are 5 vital cleaning steps to keep your Keurig healthy and clean. If you don’t know this, our Keurigs are to be cleaned every 3 to 6 months. I’m sorry but this is not a yearly duty and please don’t put this on your spring cleaning list, lol.

Before I begin, let’s pause and grab a cup of coffee. You know we can’t function without that first cup. Are you back?…

I can be silly sometimes but you know it’s true, lol. Put your cup in the air and let’s toast to cleaning our Keurig!



Descaling is removing calcium deposits that build up over time. We do want to keep our Keurig performing well right? Just the thought of mine not working for a day. Ok, I don’t want to think about it, lol.

I buy the rinse pods. I love these because they’re simple to use and my coffee tastes fresh without the carry-over flavor. I love different types of coffee and this is how I keep the taste fresh.

There’s another option to descale and it’s the descaling solution. Trust me, it’s easy to use. I also replace my filter.


Wash the Water Reservoir & Lid

Your water reservoir and lid are easy to clean. All you’ll need is warm water, non-abrasive cloth, and a mild cleaning soap. Please for the love of coffee, Do Not Use bleach or place in the dishwasher. As coffee lovers, we want to treat our Keurig with tender care.



Clean the Pod Holder and Surrounding Area

This step is easy also. Continue to clean with warm water, non-abrasive cloth, and a mild cleaning soap.






Clean Your Drip Tray

The drip tray is a blessing right, lol. It’s easy to clean as well. If you have to, soak in warm soapy water. I’ll give you an extra cleaning tip in just a minute.




Clean the Outside

Lastly, clean the outside with warm soapy water and dry well.





**Extra Tip: For the areas, I can’t reach or clean well, I use Q-tips. Yes! They are great for the hard to reach areas and they’re not abrasive.


There you have it. Your Keurig is now clean and ready to give you your next cup of deliciousness. Do you have cleaning tips to share? How do you keep your Keurig healthy?

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