15 Tips For Work From Home Success

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15 tips for work from home success

You’ve made the decision to work from home but don’t know where to start. I’m going to share 15 helpful tips for work from home success. Let’s make your experience amazing and rewarding.

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#1 – Create a Comfortable Office Space

Your office space will need to be comfortable and in an area without noise or distractions. This space will be used by you for work not personal use for everyone.

Do you love a lot of sunlight? Choose the best area to place your desk. Example – I love a lot of sunlight but HATE storms/lightning. I wouldn’t want my desk near a window unless that’s my only option. If you chose an area without windows, make sure you have adequate lighting. You’ll also want your desk to be easily accessible with a lot of leg room.


#2 – Decor

Surround yourself with uplifting positive decor. Check out my Affirmations page for printables to add to your office. Incorporate personal photos and bright colors. Create a vision board and place it where you can see it every day. Your office will also need to be equipped with daily essentials.  You’ll work better knowing you have everything you need.


#3 – Buy A Great Ergonomic Office Chair and Desk

Invest in a good ergonomic chair that is adjustable to your height with armrests. Do not base your decision on color and style alone. You’ll want to be comfortable with good posture.

Choose a desk that has the right height. While shopping for a desk, practice sitting at the desk to be sure the height is correct for you. If you can’t find one you like, another great option is a standing desk, those are adjustable. Your desk should be big enough for your monitor, keyboard, and desk essentials.


#4 – Get Organized

Organizing your office space will save you a headache. Actually, you’ll be more productive. If your space allows, get a filing cabinet and a bookshelf. Plan for plenty of storage. This will help keep your space clutter free. You’ll also be your own janitor so keep your space clean.


#5 – Set a Work Schedule and Take Breaks

If you’re a workaholic like me, this is crucial. There’s so much we’re trying to get done, we forget to take much-needed breaks. Setting a schedule will help you not overwork yourself and stay on track. This is easier said than done.

The schedule should be realistic with breaks included that you’ll adhere to. Breaks help you stay focused and be more productive.

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#6 – Stay Hydrated and Eat Healthy

Try to get your water intake and eat healthy. Have you ever grabbed a snack from the vending machine at the office or went to a fast food restaurant? It’s easy to get off track because those are quick convenient options. Stock your kitchen with healthy snacks and meals. Not only will this help your brain, it’ll give you energy.


#7 – Be Grateful You’re Working From Home

Think about the early morning commute and traffic. The feeling of not wanting to go into the office today and wishing you can work from home. You have your chance now! Make the most of it. I’m sure you’ll think of several reasons why you’re grateful to have the opportunity to work from home.


#8 – Exercise

Take a few minutes to stand and stretch. Take a walk. Schedule time to clear your mind and return back to work with more energy and who knows you may come back with an idea or two.


#9 – Set Rules with Family and Friends

This is very important! Explain to your family and friends although you work from home you have set hours to work. During that time, if it’s not an emergency to please leave a message or text and you’ll get back with them. Sometimes the idea of working from home, people think you can still do anything you want and go places at any given time. Once you explain, they’ll understand.


#10 – De-Stress

Find ways to de-stress.

  • Coffee Break
  • Tea Break
  • Take as many breaks as needed
  • Listen to music
  • Go for a walk


#11 – Avoid Distractions

Limit checking your personal social sites and email while working. It’s easy to lose track of time and it may distract you from more important tasks. You’ll stay focused by avoiding it all together.


#12 – Dress for Work

Get out of your pajamas! You’re going to work so dress as if you are. Wear something comfortable of course, just not your pajamas. Keeping your pajamas on will give you the sense of not working and procrastination.


#13 – Communicate with Others

Now you can communicate, lol. During your break or after work, stay in touch with your family and friends. Take time to laugh and get caught up.


#14 – Don’t Overwork Yourself

Remember tip #5 to set a schedule? Setting a schedule helps you not to overdo it. Sometimes it can be difficult to disconnect and feel we have to get this one thing done. Please stick to your schedule and don’t burn yourself out.


#15 – Enjoy Yourself!

Successfully working from home can be rewarding and amazing. More and more people are making the same decision you’re making today. Breathe! It’s not hard to do.

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